Vulcan’s front leg. He’s a little bit sore.

We drove up to Tauranga for the weekend, while prancing around chasing his dinner he fell over the end of the deck – it isn’t high, but he must have caught the back of his left front leg and ripped the skin open. Quite a big “Y” shaped wound, with flaps of skin hanging loose and a small amount of dripping blood.

This was after dinner on Saturday night. Fortunately we were able to get to the vet at Waihi (Waihi Veterinary Services) who patched Vulcan up, and I cannot speak highly enough of the service they offered, especially as the on-call vet had to drive from Katikati to see us.

We’ve had a bit of experience with this kind of injury with greyhounds, Vulcan had a similar injury when bitten by my sister’s dog, also in Tauranga.

Vulcan is remarkably tolerant. On the previous occasion, he stood calmly while the vet disinfected the wound, trimmed the edge with a scalpel, and put 9 staples into it (and took 2 out). In this case, the procedure similar, but with more staples. Vulcan just stood there and didn’t seem overly stressed, and certainly coped better than some others in the room, who nearly fainted.

Key is to have a clean and straightforward wound, and if this is the case, speed is of the essence. Staples have a huge advantage over stitches if anesthetic is to be avoided (a huge expense and quite a risk for any dog, but especially greyhounds) but work best if the wound can be closed up within 30 minutes.

On Saturday, the vet did splash on some local anesthetic, then put in the staples as best she could, then covered the wound with Manuka Honey on a pad, covered with a bandage overnight. Also administered oral anti-inflammatory, and left it at that.

So far, Vulcan seems to be fine, perhaps just not as pretty as he was, but that’s why we have Raro…


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