Lettie spent most of yesterday evening relaxing like this. She really will spend entire evenings lying upsidedown with her legs in the air.

She’s now very relaxed when she’s at home with us, but sometimes has issues when out visiting, often needing to be put in her safe place (usually the car works well).


There is a reason the dogs are required to wear a plastic muzzle at the GAP runs – if they get a bit boisterous, as here, there is much less chance of injury. Greyhounds have very thin skin that tears easily, which can be costly in vet bills. Vulcan has had to be patched up twice since we’ve had him, just from accidents that wouldn’t affect other breeds to the same extent.

In this photo, about 3 dogs are being a bit exuberant, you can even see the spittle flying from the black and white one. Interesting that some dogs have an attitude problem, while others just go with the flow.