This is Rocks (Smash Rock). He’s been away from racing for a while and has been assessed as OK to rehome, but his behaviour needs to be watched with some small dogs.

Around here, though, he’s almost perfect – very well behaved, very attentive and interactive, well house trained and gets on fantastic with Lettie. He learned stairs pretty quickly, too.

Likes to sleep in his crate, with the door open. Likes a fixed routine (including the route he walks) and gets a bit stressed when things change. Not a confident dog, and is always watching what Lettie is doing.

Often walks up to us and gives us nudge for attention.

He looks black, but in good sunlight you can see he’s actually a very dark brindle colour with a black back.

Here’s Lettie

Lettie (Jinja Heart) is our latest foster, she’s been returned to GAP after about 6 months living with a family with children.

She’s smart, inquisitive, confident and fitted right into to home life with Raro immediately. She can be a bit vocal at times – unusual for a greyhound – but she seems to be calming down as there isn’t any one else barking around here.

She’s very interactive though still needs to make the transition to being more focused on what her humans want instead of being in her own world. I would imagine that after a few months in the right home her behaviour will have changed.

Walks well on the lead, great with other dogs and meeting people. Very well mannered and very trainable.

Unfortunately she seems to be very familiar with how couches work; she is happy to jump up and share a sofa with Raro if she feels like it. He’s very accommodating, but has no choice in the matter anyway.

Raro and Penny

Penny has been staying with us for a few days after Christmas, she’s just headed north to Kerikeri. She’s been great company for both us and Raro, who seems a bit lonely since Vulcan died. They follow each other around, Raro is far more engaged when Penny is around.

Penny is absolutely delightful and is very, very smart – she learns routines extremely quickly.