Lettie and Rocks will share some of our sofas but them sharing Rocks’ bed is unusual, almost certainly Rocks was there first and Lettie is just being bossy. Rocks is a little nervous.



This is Rocks (Smash Rock). He’s been away from racing for a while and has been assessed as OK to rehome, but his behaviour needs to be watched with some small dogs.

Around here, though, he’s almost perfect – very well behaved, very attentive and interactive, well house trained and gets on fantastic with Lettie. He learned stairs pretty quickly, too.

Likes to sleep in his crate, with the door open. Likes a fixed routine (including the route he walks) and gets a bit stressed when things change. Not a confident dog, and is always watching what Lettie is doing.

Often walks up to us and gives us nudge for attention.

He looks black, but in good sunlight you can see he’s actually a very dark brindle colour with a black back.