Harry goes to dinner

Harry came with us to dinner last night. He really liked my 12yr old cousin, followed her around all night and spent a lot of time with his head resting on her. This dog appeared to be terrified of active children when he first arrived but certainly had no problems with quiet children one on one. Harry was just perfectly behaved, happy to see Penny (my cousin’s greyhound) again.

Harry likes Raro

Harry is very interactive, very smart and despite the sofa thing, very trainable. Was almost agoraphobic when he first arrived but now gets very excited about walks (or everything, really). Walking with Raro has been a big help with his confidence. Terrified of active children. Will not enjoy fireworks. Loves his food.

Harry and Raro

Harry seems very comfortable with Raro. He’s actually pretty pushy and not at all respectful of space. He’s also spent time in a house before, and was clearly very familiar with the concept of sofas (we’ve given up trying to stop him from lying on sofas, it is too hard with our guys being allowed).