The boys have a new foster dog. This is Magma, she’s just retired and is about 4 years old.

She is very pretty and reasonably smart, bullies Vulcan a bit (although she also wants to play) and ignores Raro. She has a beautiful coat and seems very fit and healthy.

She’s learnt a lot in the 2 weeks she’s been here, seems to be house trained, is less dependent on her crate, and figured out the stairs on day 3. She’s just starting to learn to keep off the kitchen benches. She knows there is a warm spot in front of the fire.

Good out walking, good with most dogs but variable with small dogs – if they are nervous she senses it and misbehaves a bit, but she does seem to be improving.

Very social with people, especially women, and she follows us around everywhere at home. She’ll make a great companion.

Of course, it is also pretty cool having a dog called Magma living here with a dog called Vulcan…

Raro at Opito Bay

Yeah, right next to the poisoned pohutukawa trees.

Both boys had a short holiday away up north, lots of travel (in hot conditions) and staying in lots of different places (mostly familiar to them, having stayed before).

Vulcan in particular improved a lot in the time we were away, is almost walking normally now as his corns seem to be giving him far less discomfort.

And no, Raro does not want to go swimming…

Brooke and Penny

Brooke and Penny are staying with Vulcan and Raro for a while – and they fit in very well. They are both playful and while Penny is quite pushy, Brooke usually puts her in her place. And Raro and Vulcan both ignore all that is going on anyway.

They are both smart, and know what is required and follow the routine very well; they are great to walk together.

In fact, last night Brooke refused to walk with Raro, she hung back until she could walk with Penny.


Harry goes to dinner

Harry came with us to dinner last night. He really liked my 12yr old cousin, followed her around all night and spent a lot of time with his head resting on her. This dog appeared to be terrified of active children when he first arrived but certainly had no problems with quiet children one on one. Harry was just perfectly behaved, happy to see Penny (my cousin’s greyhound) again.

Harry likes Raro

Harry is very interactive, very smart and despite the sofa thing, very trainable. Was almost agoraphobic when he first arrived but now gets very excited about walks (or everything, really). Walking with Raro has been a big help with his confidence. Terrified of active children. Will not enjoy fireworks. Loves his food.

Harry and Raro

Harry seems very comfortable with Raro. He’s actually pretty pushy and not at all respectful of space. He’s also spent time in a house before, and was clearly very familiar with the concept of sofas (we’ve given up trying to stop him from lying on sofas, it is too hard with our guys being allowed).