5 Dogs on the Beach


We’ve had visitors for the past couple of days, which means that since we are fostering Brooke Davis with our two boys, we had 5 dogs in the house. All perfectly behaved and not a hint of any problems.

Achilles is almost like a twin to Vulcan, only quite a bit larger, and Zeva is very clingy and interactive.

Our guys didn’t mind the company, since they get the sofas and nobody else does, so they can lie around and watch the others changing beds all the time.

From left to right: Zeva, Vulcan, Brooke, Achilles, Raro


Vulcan met Achilles at the GGGW at Mt Maunganui.

 Achilles is slightly larger than Vulcan, and the same beautiful blue brindle colour – though Vulcan has more white on his front and being older (he’s nearly 9 years old) has more white on his muzzle, too. 

Both dogs have problems with corns, Vulcan has 2 sore feet at present.